Department of Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy

Therapeutic services, which include chemotherapy and immunotherapy:

To provide the best treatment plan and schedule it according to the patient's condition under the supervision of an integrated team.

All clinical evaluations and blood tests before the patient receives treatment.

Chemotherapy by clinical pharmacists using the latest and safest devices.

Portable injection pump to give chemotherapy at home without the need for hospitalization.

State-of-the-art cooling systems for cold caps and scalp caps to reduce hair loss.

All international guidelines for dealing with side effects of treatment, after supporting the patient with all the necessary information during and after receiving treatment.

Radiotherapy sessions as soon as possible to avoid waiting lists.

Our team works as a single unit whose main goal is to reach accurately and quickly to diagnose the condition so that the necessary treatment, whether chemical or radiation, can be quickly started.

We follow the approved mechanisms for the preparation of chemotherapy in the clinical pharmacy using the latest American devices and the safest in the world.